Since one is not the norm here, I’m writing the post in the language of Shakespeare, so please be indulgent!

For that last couple of days, I was with Jane and Derick to have skitouring around Freissinieres. Weather was not perfect but in the other hand we had some fresh snow each day!

Day 1 : la Tête des Raisins, into the white!

That was quite an headache for me to decide were to go! Should we go south to find the best weather, but not the best snow? Should we go north to find hypothetic fresh snow (but also wind)? Finally I decide to make the average and to stay around Freissinieres. Just up the village, there is a fantastic skitour going to la Tête des Raisins. We climb up 1000 meters in a perfect quiet and peaceful athmosphere.. like alone in the world! We find real good ski with 10cm of packed powder on top… Low visibility but sufficient to have fun. We then skied down a good 5cm fresh snow between spaced trees almost to the car… We didn’t need to go far today to find happiness!

Day 2 : la Blanche

Today we are going to la Blanche, up to the ski resort of Pelvoux. With the lift, we get an easy departure to 2100 meters! Then we follow a ridge with a short technical section… Not easy to turn because the fresh snow packed on the hard bottom is a little bit sliding under our skis. And that takes energy! In around 2600 meters after a 500 meters climb up (and a easy but impressive ridge!), we decided to stop : snow is comming and legs are tired, we prefer to keep energy and visibility for the descent… Perfect descent in 15 cm of packed powder with almost no tracks!

See you Jane and Derick, I was really happy to meet you. Thanks to trust me and to feed me with your excellent cake! A bientôt peut-être!

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